Integrative Medicine

integrative medicineTown N Country Animal Hospital services also includes Integrative Medicine. Integrative medicine combines the strengths of both eastern and western medicine to meet the needs of your pet. Your pet’s treatments may range from antibiotics and steroids to acupuncture and herbal therapies. Town N Country offers a variety of individualized options for your pet and you.

Many patients discover these therapies after having exhausted what western medicine offers. If you prefer only natural therapies for your pet, Town N Country can certainly accommodate you.

Certain conditions like Cushing’s Disease, arthritis or even allergies which may not respond well to conventional methods may be better managed with natural therapies like Acupuncture, Pet Chiropractic Intervention, Chinese Herbal Therapy, Food Therapy and Homeopathy.

The body has an incredible natural ability to heal itself when given the right environment, diet, exercise and balance. Unfortunately, there are many chronic diseases or conditions that western medicine can control but not resolve without significant risks or unacceptable side effects.

How to Begin

An integrative medicine examination is similar to that of any typical exam but includes a tongue and pulse diagnosis, required in traditional Chinese medicine. Owners are interviewed and asked for a detailed history about their pet’s environment, diet, medications, behavior and disease.

The more information and details provided in the form, the easier a diagnosis is reached and recommendations made. Subtle changes in a pet’s behavior may be an early warning of an imbalance. Your vigilance and early intervention can make a huge difference in your pet’s prognosis.

The Next Step

If you would like to make an appointment or need additional information on integrative medicine or a specific method like Acupuncture, Pet Chiropractic Intervention, Chinese Herbal Therapy, Food Therapy and Homeopathy, give Town N Country a call.

The means may vary, but keeping your pet healthy and happy remains our primary goal.