Wellness Care for Your Animal

wellness careImmunization and Wellness Care. Our veterinarians, nurses and technicians strive to prevent illness whenever possible. The time and effort invested in wellness programs has rewards for both pets and owners. Our programs are designed specifically for your pet and include comprehensive physical exams, internal parasite testing, heartworm and flea control, a vaccination program, spay and neuter packages, and specialized blood tests for all life stages.

Nutritional Counseling. Some pets require special food and all pets benefit from a balanced diet. Our trained and certified staff is available to help you choose the right diet for your pet to keep him or her happy, healthy, and active.

Dentistry. Routine professional cleaning is important to maintaining your pet’s teeth. We use a modern and safe ultrasonic scaler to clean each tooth thoroughly – above and below the gum line. If it is indicated we have the ability to take dental radiographs of each tooth. Dental technicians polish teeth to create a smooth, lustrous tooth surface more resistant to plaque buildup.

pharmacyFully Stocked Pharmacy. We stock a wide range of the best veterinary drugs in the animal healthcare field. We regularly stock tick and flea prevention, nutritional supplements, and an extensive list of drugs your pet may need. When you need a refill, complete the fast and easy online forms for refill requests.