Walking an Old Friend Through Cancer

It started as a routine check-up last fall for our friend Grai, an eight year old Schnauzer. Enlarged lymph nodes prompted diagnostic testing that confirmed lymphoma. Thankfully — and due in large part to the Martin family’s vigilance — Grai’s cancer was caught early. Chemotherapy treatments began soon after, and Grai’s family supplied lots of old-fashioned TLC.

As the days of therapy progressed, Grai had his good days and bad days as typical of many cancer patients. Although the days were far from easy, it was evident that he had spirit and embraced life. The Martins lovingly cared for him in any way they could, and Grai was always a good sport throughout the sessions.

At Town N Country, we already loved this guy. After seeing him go through this, he held an even bigger chunk of our collective hearts!

At the end of April this year, Grai had his last chemo treatment. After one more month, the diagnostic labwork was repeated and revealed that Grai was now in remission! Yay, Grai, and congratulations to the very happy Martin family!

grai martin

Here’s another shot of the handsome Grai!